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Sample Pack

Sample Pack

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Need Samples?

We love to give samples out! All we ask is that you cover the shipping. You will receive the following: 

  • (2) cutting wheels
  • (2) grinding wheels
  • (2) flap discs. 


  • One use per customer. Increasing the pack quantity will only increase the shipping cost, and we will only send one pack without adjusting shipping. 
  • The offer does not stack. E.g., if you get the sample pack and (50) cutting wheels, we will remove the cutting wheels from the sample pack.
  • The Sample Pack is made available in the spirit of offering samples to new customers who are willing to cover shipping. We reserve the right to cancel the order or remove items from the pack at any time.


"How come shipping is so expensive?"

This sample pack has a shipping weight of 2.5 pounds and does not fit in a USPS flat-rate box. For those familiar with UPS shipping (or FedEx, for that matter), you understand that shipping 2.5 pounds is almost the same cost as 10 pounds. It's like paying a food delivery service to bring you a small french fry; it will cost you regardless.

If you want to try the products, I recommend a small order to maximize the economies of scale for shipping (we guarantee everything, remember). But if your heart is set on free samples and want to see if you can get cheaper shipping, then please call us at 866-678-1671. We'll see what we can do.

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