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We don't like using the term "Mom and Pop" because it makes us feel old – but that's what we are: a small mom-and-pop shop. Our family-owned and run company has been in business since 2003. While we've sold many different tools over the past two decades, Metal Abrasive products have always been at our core. We sell high-quality abrasives at below industry prices.


We value privacy and security, and as such, we will never sell your personal information.


We want our customers to feel like they're getting the best deal on their supplies. We also want our customers to feel like they're in the club. Through our newsletter, we send out discount codes and promotions regularly to reward and thank our returning customers.


All transactions, including credit cards, Venmo, ApplePay, etc., are processed through our Paypal affiliate. We do not save your information.


We ship worldwide. By default, all orders are priced and shipped through UPS at the lowest rate possible. You do have the option of choosing a quicker delivery method, but please keep in mind that we require 1-3 business days to ship. We're open to using USPS flat rate boxes for customers outside the continental U.S., your UPS shipping account number, drones, carrier pigeons... If UPS Ground doesn't work for you and you have a better option, we're probably on board. Shoot us an email through the Contact Us link, and we'll work with you to make sure you get what you need at a reasonable cost.


We will 100% refund any item within 60 days of purchase. Please refer to your Receipt for return instructions. If you've lost your Receipt, please connect with us using the Contact Us link below.